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Holiday Market Picks December 3 & 6, 2016: EdieArt & That Water Tower

Edieart at the Union Square Holiday Market

EdieArt at the Union Square Holiday Market

There is so much wonderful art in the holiday markets. One of my very favorites is EdieArt at the Union Square Holiday Market. I have loved Edie’s work for a long time. My nieces have a beautiful image by Edie of a tiny girl blowing bubbles and swinging on a tulip.

Boundless Brooklyn's Craft Model of Tom Fruin's Water Tower

Boundless Brooklyn’s Craft Model of Tom Fruin’s Water Tower

Edie’s images are wonderfully colorful and imaginative, with tiny children and animals in beautiful settings, anywhere from the inside of a rose, to the top of the Brooklyn Bridge., or flying from the string of a balloon. Each image tells its own story and still leaves ample room for you to imagine your own.

This one of a New York water tower is so very sweet and pretty, inspired by Artist Tom Fruin’s Brooklyn installation. Amazingly, but not surprisingly, this same stained glass water tower inspired Boundless Brooklyn, also in the Union Square Holiday Market, to create a limited edition miniature craft model of it.

Edie is selling her original paintings and prints in the Union Square Holiday Market 7 days a week through December 24, 2016. She also has multiple children’s books featuring her artwork and filled with lovely stories. EdieArt is the place to go to find fantastic art for a nursery or a child’s room, or any special place in your life.

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