A Guide to the Best Artisan, Farmer, Food & Flea Markets

Artisan Markets

The artisan markets are home to many of New York’s most talented designers, craftspeople and fine artists. These markets take traditional craft fairs to the next level through fine design, wild creativity, and innovative use of technology. Visit the artisan markets and buy handmade products directly from the people who made them. You will find future trends in jewelry, accessories, fashion designs, decorative pillows and lamps, candles, organic body products and so much more.

Weekend Market Picks July 26 & 27, 2014: C3Brix Lego Art in Queens

C3Brix’ Katie Proctor shoots us With The Bopper  This is a very exciting weekend in the markets, and for me personally. I’m going to be a food judge at the LIC Flea Favorites Foods Festival. I haven’t yet tasted anything at a market that I didn’t like, so it’s going

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Inventively Delicious: Ice & Vice Handcrafted Ice Cream For Grown Ups

I’ll never forget the day I had my first taste of Ice and Vice Ice Cream: July 27th, 2013 at the Queens County Market. My first flavor was Movie Night: buttered popcorn, toasted raisins and dark chocolate. I remember the sweetness balanced with the butteriness of the popcorn and a

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Weekend Market Picks July 12 & 13, 2014: I Had A Dream Come True This Week

  I had a dream come true this week. My mom used to call me up to read me stories in the New York Times’ Metropolitan Diary that had tickled her for one reason or another. Or she would clip the story out of the paper, which she read cover

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