A Guide to the Best Artisan, Farmer, Food & Flea Markets

Farmers Markets

The indoor and outdoor food markets throughout New York City are at the heart of food innovation, the new go-to spots for food lovers. Imagine a sumptuous, buttery fresh lobster roll, or a brick oven pizza. Or maybe something exotic, like an authentic pupusa, a small corn tortilla filled with savory beans and cheese, or a spicy kimmchi dog. Follow up your main course with three mini-cupcakes in flavors you have probably never imagined, like lavender chocolate, maple bacon and blueberry port mascarpone. These gastronomic delights – and so many more – are made locally or regionally with the freshest ingredients available.

10 NYC Christmas Trees and Holiday Lights That Are Not At Rockefeller Center

I love Rockefeller Center’s gigantic Christmas tree as much as any other New Yorker. But I’ll only visit at 3AM when the crowds have subsided a bit. It is the largest tree in town, but it is far from the only one. I am happy to share my own favorite

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Three Ways To Eat A Cauliflower That Is Bigger Than Your Head

We were at the Union Square Greenmarket recently, and we found this huge, gorgeous head of cauliflower. You know that rule about not eating anything that is bigger than your head? I asked James to take this picture to see if this cauliflower was actually bigger than my head. It

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Weekend Market Picks November 22 & 23, 2014: Brussels Sprouts 2015

Every year I have to post a story about Brussels sprouts because the are just so pretty. This year I’ve found some true beauties at the Union Square Greenmarket. Brussels sprouts look like teensy cabbages, but they actually grow on stalks. It is lovely to bring home an entire stalk

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Celebrating 750 Stories About Passion, Innovation And Entrepreneurship

I recently surpassed a milestone: 750 stories, right here on Markets of New York City!

I started this site as a blog in December 2009 because my guidebook was finished and in my editor’s hands, but I didn’t want to stop writing.

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Bodhitree Farm: Beautiful New Video from Food.Curated

  Bodhitree Farm is one of my very favorites, and I have known owner Nevia No for years from the Abingdon Square Greenmarket in the West Village. I’ve never seen her farm though. Liza De Guia’s story about Nevia and her vegetables on Food.Curated, in partnership with Food & Wine Magazine,

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