A Guide to the Best Artisan, Farmer, Food & Flea Markets

Food Markets

The indoor and outdoor food markets throughout New York City are at the heart of food innovation, the new go-to spots for food lovers. Imagine a sumptuous, buttery fresh lobster roll, or a brick oven pizza. Or maybe something exotic, like an authentic pupusa, a small corn tortilla filled with savory beans and cheese, or a spicy kimmchi dog. Follow up your main course with three mini-cupcakes in flavors you have probably never imagined, like lavender chocolate, maple bacon and blueberry port mascarpone. These gastronomic delights – and so many more – are made locally or regionally with the freshest ingredients available.

Get Ready for Berg’n: Brooklyn Flea’s Grand New Food And Beer Hall

You know how you sometimes wake up at work and realize you were dreaming about a ramen burger? Do you ever wish Smorgasburg was open all week? Well, your wish has been granted. The Brooklyn Flea‘s new beer hall, Berg’n, opens on Wednesday! James and I went to the pre-opening

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Brooklyn Night Bazaar: A Market Where We Can Have Fun and Stay Up Late

New York is the “City that Never Sleeps,” right? Well, for a while now, we have been able to say that at least one of our markets is a place where New York can hang out until the wee hours. The Brooklyn Night Bazaar was the first – and still

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Weekend Market Picks August 23 & 24, 2014: Brooklyn Night Bazaar

It’s late summer, and we all really need to focus on squeezing all the fun we possibly can before fall comes with its busy schedules and expectations for the rest of the year. So grab your friends and go enjoy the relaxed vibes, great food, and incredible innovation in the

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When Life Gives You Watermelon, Make Watermelon Juice

A few days ago, we bought a big, sweet, seedless watermelon from Michisk’s Farm at the Union Square Greenmarket. We snarfed up half of it, and then it sat in the fridge. Half a watermelon takes up a LOT of space. This morning, James said, “I know! Let’s make watermelon

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Weekend Market Picks August 16 & 17, 2014: Farmers Market Bounty

  If ever there was a time to shop as much as you can in your local farmers market, it is right now. James and I walked through the Union Square Greenmarket yesterday on the way back from lunch, and we ended up with an abundance of my very favorite

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