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Weekend Market Picks October 31 – November 2, 2014: Scary Black Radishes

Happy Halloween! Here’s are some black radishes for you. They are no a black swans, but they beautiful in their own right, don’t you think? For some great recipes, Author Kathy Erway seems to know her way around an heirloom radish. Weekend Market Picks Friday, Saturday & Sunday October 31

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Press Release: Brooklyn Flea’s Outdoor Season Starts April 5 & 6

The Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg have a lot going on starting next week. Rather than paraphrase their plans, I am happy to post their full press release: BROOKLYN FLEA + SMORGASBURG OUTDOOR SEASON BEGINS APRIL 5+6 AT 5 LOCATIONS The Flea’s seventh season features a revamped Park Slope market with

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Weekend Market Picks November 9-10, 2013: Edible Rainbows

The skies may be grey in the late fall, but the farmers markets throughout the city are filled with amazing colors, like these plump heirloom tomatoes that taste even better than they look. I love seeing how the same vegetable can come in such a wonderful array of colors. I

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Weekend Market Picks July 27 & 28, 2013: Southern Hospitality for Charming New York City Feet

New Yorkers walk hundreds of miles every year. And yet how many of us think about the condition of our feet? But all that is changing, one step at a time with Southern Hospitality Foot Care Products.

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Fulton Flea Market: A Small Flea With A Big Community Impact

If you’ve ever walked by the Fulton Flea Market on your way to the Brooklyn Flea maybe, I encourage you to stop and have a long look around. The aim of this market is “to take an empty lot and turn it into an active gathering space where people can

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