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Weekend Market Picks for March 10 & 11 + Spring Flowers from Lyndee Designs at SUPER!market

So much for winter, but HELLO SPRINGTIME!  Because it’s so gorgeous out, I’m featuring the sweet, delicate flower blossom necklaces from Lyndee Designs.  Together they look like an early spring garden.  Individually, they are flattering and feminine, and they come in a lovely variety of gemstones and pearls.  Designer Linda

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Market Picks for March 3 & 4 2012 + ID Pop Shop Opening on Monday!

Weekend Market Picks for Saturday and Sunday, March 3 & 4, 2012 SUPER!market:  Saturday Only! I adore this new designers market.  Every week, they are adding new and amazing designers and food businesses, and so it’s great to keep going back to see what’s new.  Go check out today.  And

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Weekend Market Picks: February 25 & 26 + Raaka Virgin Chocolate

I remember my first taste of Raaka Chocolate’s blueberry lavender bar.  It was at the 2010 Columbus Circle Holiday Market.  And it was amazing. Raaka Virgin Chocolate is a Brooklyn based company that uses cocoa purchased through direct and fair agreements with individual producers in the Dominican Republic and Bolivia. 

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Weekend Market Picks + Draugsvold Jewelry!

I am thrilled to feature an amazing jewelry designer, Melissa Draugsvold this weekend. I first heard the buzz about her designs at SUPER!market in January. You know you’re onto something when the other designers are wearing her jewelry themselves! Melissa’s one-of-a-kind designs are intriguing statement pieces made from romantic, evocative,

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Photo of the Day – August 3, 2011: Vernakular

Vernakular is the brainchild of photographer and designer Raoul Calleja. Vernakular creates clothing and accessories featuring fine photography of a group of professional photographers hailing from New York, Chicago, Portland, Singapore, and beyond.

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