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Brooklyn Cold Brew When Hot Coffee Just Won’t Do

My dad grew up drinking iced coffee in and around New York. But growing up in the Midwest myself, I remember him trying to order it at a pancake house and being met with quizzical looks. “Iced coffee? No, we don’t have that.” So he’d order a cup of hot

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Guest Blogger Scott Kerns Visits The Big Cheesy

Many thanks and welcome to Guest Blogger Scott Kerns! Check out is beautifully written blog, A Forest of Trees. This story is cross-posted there as well. You may have met Scott at a market with his wife, the infinitely talented jewelry designer, Saskia DeVries.   In the pantheon of comfort

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Minnie’s Bake Shop: Scrumptious Bite-Sized Cakes at Grub Street

The Grub Street Food Festival filled my Sunday with delicious treats created by talented, visionary food innovators. It is one of my favorite events of the year, not only for the amazing food, but also for watching peoples’ faces as they ate the sweet and savory creations from 75+ local

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Customer Service: Natchie Art Turns a Cardboard Box Into A Lovely Experience

There is always talk amongst everyone selling products about how to provide outstanding customer service. This is a story about one artisan who delivered so much more to me than just a piece of jewelry. She turned a standard shipment and a cardboard box into a delightful experience. I don’t

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Making A Statement With Vintage Lagerfeld Necklace

On a recent visit to the Antiques Garage, I happened to glace up to see this statement piece, dripping with vintage charm and yet so contemporary. It was vintage Karl Lagerfeld. I was not surprised to learn that seller was Store With No Walls, a superlative vintage fashion vendor. I

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