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501st Posting: Potato Chip Cookies & Locally Made Nutella

Sprout and Pea with Bored Vegetarian Nutella Cookie

This is my 501st blog posting! I have written about 500 fantastic people, places and objects I have found in the Markets of New York City and markets around the world — and loved every minute of it! I am excited to keep sharing the treasures I find with you.

So for this special posting, I thought I would introduce you to two new food businesses I met this weekend at the Greenpointers Valentine’s Day Market: Sprout & Pea and The Bored Vegetarian. Sharing a table at the market, these two popular vegetarian bloggers, Mardi Miskit and Bethany Pickard have begun making two great foods that go great together:

  1. Potato Chip Cookies from Sprout and Pea

  2. Handmade Nutella from the Bored Vegetarian

They had me at nutella and cookies. Bethany’s handmade nutella is much deeper and richer than the commercial version, which I do adore. It has more texture, akin to an organic peanut butter vs. smooth grocery store brands. The consistency is perfect for smearing on a cookie or a piece of bread or for eating straight with a spoon or a finger, as the case may be. It comes in a variety of flavors, including Spicy, Lavender Lemon and Curry. I tried the curry, which added a warmth that snuck up the back of my tongue and lingered pleasantly. It totally worked for me.

Which brings us to the lemon lavender potato chip cookie. Gluten free, these cookies too have a lovely texture – chewy but with an inherent crispness from the small bits of chip. Potato chips are an alternative to flour, but the cookies don’t taste like potato chips. They taste like lemon and lavender, light and refreshing. And when you combine them with the Nutella, there is simply no turning back. My mom would serve them with a hot cup of tea.

To find out where to purchase these tasty treats, visit Mardi’s and Bethany’s blogs and follow them both on Facebook:

I also have to congratulate the Greenpointers for putting on a gorgeous Valentine’s Day Market on Sunday! Fantastic collection of vendors in a warm, beautifully appointed space at From the Source.

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