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A Day In The Heights With GrowNYC

GrowNYC invited me to come to their Greenmarkets this summer for Markets of New York City book signings. I was thrilled to go to Washington Heights today for our first event.

This market is held on Thursdays at 175th Street and Broadway, and it is one of my favorite markets in the city. Why do I like it so much? In addition to the smell of cilantro, which brings back childhood memories of markets in Mexico, and a great selection of produce – and it’s a straight shot on the A train – the real draw for me is the kids. In the summertime, the neighborhood kids come out, mostly with their moms. They come in all ages and sizes, and they’re just fun to see. A whole bunch of them stopped by to say hello today, and they drew some great pictures for me of their favorite things at the market, mostly watermelons, peaches, and grapes. There were not a lot of veggies on the kids’ lists of favorites; some things are universal.

It is my personal aim with the guidebook and the blog is to entice New Yorkers to visit markets outside of their own neighborhoods and to invite visitors to pick a market and see a neighborhood they might not normally think to visit. Washington Heights has the wonderful Greenmarket that caters to the Caribbean culture and flavors of the neighborhood, with piles of cilantro, berdolaga, peppers and more. There are some excellent restaurants right across the street from the market. The food is delicious: juicy roasted chicken, sweet and fried plantains, fried yuca, rice and beans, and much more. We have leftovers for two days whenever we eat at any of these places.

My “Summer at the Markets” book tour started today, and I’ll be a different markets almost every weekend into September. This Saturday I’ll be at the Antiques Garage, and Sunday at the Fulton Stall Market! Check the Book Signings Around Town page for regular updates!


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