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A New Flea for LIC!

LIC Food & Flea

Last weekend marked the opening of LIC Flea & Food, a new market opened up in the rapidly transforming Long Island City neighborhood of Queens.  Markets of New York was on hand to celebrate opening weekend and to congratulate Joshua Schneps, the market’s founder of and co-owner of Schneps Communications, which publishes BORO magazine and several other local publications.  LIC Flea & Food has a multi-year lease on an open lot at the confluence of old and (very) new LIC, and we roamed through the market of about 70 vendors.

As you would imagine, there was a lot of food in a long row at the one side of the market, and a lot of flea on the other.  In between, there were several artisans and a large seating area.  When we arrived, there were lines for food and lemonade, children were painting near the entrance, and there was both a DJ and live musicians.

Mr. Schneps told Markets of New York that he is working on find the right balance of vendors to ensure long-term success.  By the looks of the first week, he is off to a good start.  We’ll be sitting down with Mr. Schneps soon to find out more about his goals for the market and its relationship to this eclectic neighborhood.  And we’re looking forward to coming back throughout the summer to report on new events and vendors.

LIC Flea & Food is located at the corner of 46th Avenue and 5th Street and runs every Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM to 6 PM.

LIC Flea Food Vendors

Come for the food, stay for the flea!

Flea Vendor at LIC Flea & Food

Classic flea vendor with an extensive collection of old fishing reels.

Tables with the LIC Flea & Food Logo

Eat at the tables with the LIC Flea & Food Logo!

Horman's Best Pickle at LIC Flea & Food

A wide selection of eclectic flavors from Horman’s Best Pickles

Kenneth Kudulis from kudu-lah

Kenneth Kudulis from kudu-lah

Children's Painting Area at LIC Flea & Food

Children’s painting area at LIC Flea & Food

Ice Riders at LIC Flea & Food

A different way to make shaved ice from Ice Riders.

LIC Flea & Food Neighborhood Signs

The key to success for a new market – let your neighbors know you’re there!


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