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A Plethora of Plump Peaches and Plums

Peaches and Plums from Red Jacket Orchards at the Greenmarket

When we were freshmen in high school, my friend Mary Ann told me that the best way to practice kissing was to repeat the phrase, “Peaches, Plums, and Alfalfa” over and over.

You just tried it, amiright?

So this time of year is a great way to practice your kissing in the farmers markets because the peaches and plums are juicy and sweet! (Did you notice how I just tied it all together? Just wait to you get to the end!)

I brought home a bag of yellow peaches, donut peaches, sugarplums and Italian plums from Red Jacket Orchards on Monday from the Union Square Greenmarket. They have been ripening at different rates, and James and I have been able to enjoy them all week.

The sugarplums were about to burst already on Monday, so we had them at lunch. They were warm and juicy, though not as sweet as I thought they’d be, given their name. The yellow peaches have generally been extraordinary this season, and these ones were no exception.

The donut peaches should be ready to go for breakfast tomorrow. And by Friday, we’ll be ready for another round!

Interestingly, street artist Felix Morelo had drawn a Kissing Spot right in front of Beth’s Farm Kitchen on Monday. It was still there for the market on Wednesday. We were buying another watermelon at the market today when James gave me a kiss for no particular reason. Or so I thought. Actually, we just happened to be standing in the Kissing Spot.

So if you are reading this posting, Felix, it worked. (And that is why I complain vociferously when you draw too many Bad Luck Spots.)

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

Kissing Spot by Felix Morelo in the Union Square Greenmarket

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