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Baker’s Bounty: Have a Bite of Their Hot Cross Buns

Light, Sweet Hot Cross Buns from Baker's Bounty

Light, sweet hot cross buns from Baker’s Bounty in markets throughout the city.

James and I were out enjoying the perfectly clear sunny day on Wednesday, and, of course, we strolled through the Greenmarket at Union Square. I know I write about this particular market quite a bit, but it’s open 4 days a week, and it’s literally steps from my office. So I go there for inspiration for my writing, cooking and otherwise.

I love Easter strictly for the bunnies, chocolates and pastel candies everywhere. As I wrote yesterday in my story about horseradish, Easter is a great time to for special foods.

Today’s tasty treat was a hot cross bun from Baker’s Bounty, a wonderful farm-to-market, family-owned farm in Linden, NJ.

In addition to making the perfect crumb cake (25% cake, 75% crumb), their hot cross buns are delicious. The signature white cross markings across the top is buttercream frosting. The flaky, lightly sweatened bun is dotted with candied fruit. They are pretty big, so we split one with our afternoon tea back at the office. It was absolutely delightful.

Baker’s Bounty makes all different kinds of holiday treats. Their Passover macarons are scrumptious. They are also baking Easter Egg Bread, Easter Egg Cake and shortbread Easter cookies right now.  I love that they buy ingredients for their breads and pastries from local farmers.

You can find Baker’s Bounty in many different farmers markets in New York and New Jersey around the city. Their hot cross buns are available individually or in packages of a dozen.

Baker's Bounty Hot Cross Buns in packs of a dozen for Easter

Baker’s Bounty Hot Cross Buns by the dozen for Easter

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City


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