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Barcelona’s Coolest Flea Market: Guest Blogger & Guest Market

Earlier this year, I read a tweet about Barcelona’s Lost & Found Flea Market, which, naturally, intrigued me. So I clicked through and ended up connecting with a talented German blogger named Thomas Praus, who publishes the blog StyleWalker about society, lifestyle, travel and culture. I loved looking at the people in Thomas’ photographs of the market. The market setting reminded me of the Brooklyn Flea in One Hanson Place. Come to think of it, the people reminded me of shoppers in the Brooklyn Flea too. I guess that makes sense, as Barcelona and Brooklyn are two of the coolest places on earth.

The Lost & Found Flea Market takes place regularly in the Estación de Francia, a train station in Barcelona. Their next market event is July 6th, 2014!

Thomas has graciously allowed me to cross-post his original story and his great photos. Enjoy! [All images courtesy of Thomas Praus, StyleWalker Blog.]

Barcelona’s Coolest Flea Market

By Thomas Prause and cross posted from StyleWalker

The best time to visit Barcelona is definitely spring time. The temperature and weather is just perfect, not too hot, not too cold, the city is not too full with tourists and the light is fresh and clear. We visited Barcelona two weekends ago and had a wonderful time with great people and amazing food, little trips to the outskirts and several highlights. One was the flea market “Lost & Found” in the old train station “Estación de Francia”

Funny enough, I had lived very close to that station in my time in Barcelona but never used it really. Few trains run from there so for the flea market it’s perfect.

Of course, there’s a dj, spinning slow neo disco tunes, like this Rihanna bootleg.

Pretty obvious you want to get your hair done before shopping so you see if it suits the new styling.

Pretty beards!

I think, this guy just wanted to take the train.


A train, a real train, look it’s a train at the flea market!

Guy with a hat.

Guy with a pirate hat.

Handsome guy with fluffy dog.

Many thanks to Thomas Praus and StyleWalker for contributing to Markets of New York City! Follow Style Walker on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube!

And follow Lost & Found Market on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube (they have some very cool videos)!

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

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