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Bellocq Tea Atelier at the New Amsterdam Market

I have been a tea drinker since I was a small child.  In fact, my mother used to put me down for a nap with a bottle of warm, sweet tea.  Interestingly, she’d fall fast asleep next to me while I stayed wide awake through the afternoon.  Be that as it may, I drink a pot of tea every morning and every afternoon, and sometimes I’ll have a cup of Verbena or Chamomile before bed.  I wouldn’t call myself a tea snob, but I do love a steamy, fragrant cup of carefully crafted tea, I’ll admit.  My tea of choice is Earl Grey French Blue from Marriage Freres in Paris.  However, there is something uniquely lovely about a Lipton tea bag soaked in a thick ceramic mug at a New York City diner.  It’s all part of the grand tea experience.

So I was absolutely thrilled to meet fellow tea afficcionados Heidi Johannsen Stewart and Michael Shannon at the New Amsterdam Market.  They are the founders of Bellocq Tea Atelier, along with colleagues Young Yoon and Scott Stewart.  The original tea atelier is located on Kings Road in London, and we are very fortunate to welcome their new outpost in Brooklyn.  They blend full-leaf organic teas into wonderful, rich flavors, such as No. 1 Bellocq Breakfast with “notes of honey, malt and a touch of leather.”  I’ve been drinking it in the morning, and it is indeed a wonderful way to wake up.  No. 22 Noble Savage is an organic black tea blend featuring juniper berries, douglas fir tips, and blue cornflowers.  You must try it during these cold wintery days.

One of the things I love about Bellocq is their obvious passion for tea and their talent for creating organic tea blends that are unique, fragrant, and flavorful to invigorate or calm.  And the tea leaf blends themselves are stunning to look at, such as No. 52 Etoile de L’Inde, with its pink rose petals, yellow marigold petals, blue cornflowers, jasmine silver needles and green tea leaves.  Bellocq’s London tea shop was recently featured in Vogue and Wallpaper.

Bellocq Tea Atelier will be at the New Amsterdam Market through December 19.  This weekend the market is hosting Coffee, Cocoa and Citrus, featuring coffee tastings and brewing tutorials. [singlepic id=872 w=320 h=240 float=center]

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