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Belly Up to the TOASTbar for a Scratchbread MOZZwich

Scratchbread is a food fixture at the Brooklyn Flea, and now owner Matthew Tilden is trying out a new concept at Smorgasburg: TOASTBar, a wooden sandwich bar set up around his tent, where you can try delicious savory and sweet bread-based delicacies.

The Flea has been about food on the go, things you can eat while you wander around the market. The idea behind TOASTbar is to belly up to the bar, casually eat something that will blow your mind, and have a chat with Matt. I had a taste of the rich, sweet, mozzarella that Matt made two hours before, as I watched him make the MOZZwich. The Mozzwich is fresh pulled mozzarella, fennel seed, burgundy powder, lemon juice, and a dash of olive oil on Scratchbread focaccia. Yes, it was amazing!

And it was also nice not to have to grab my food and head straight back into the throngs. While I love to see a crowded market, sometimes it’s nice to take a moment, savor the flavors, and chat with a baker.

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