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Bodhitree Farm: Beautiful New Video from Food.Curated

Bodhitree Farm is one of my very favorites, and I have known owner Nevia No for years from the Abingdon Square Greenmarket in the West Village. I’ve never seen her farm though.

Liza De Guia’s story about Nevia and her vegetables on Food.Curated, in partnership with Food & Wine Magazine, is not only visually stunning, but wonderfully inspiring too. Through Liza’s lens, Nevia talks about her vegetables the way she talks about people. If you sit around with everything you need in the world, you’re bland and uninteresting. But if you struggle and suffer, even just a bit, you become a better person. It’s the same with vegetables. Under Nevia’s stewardship, her plants work hard to create vegetables and roots that are as healthy and nutritious as they can be.

I owe Nevia a debt of gratitude for teaching me how to cook baby eggplant and what to do with shishito peppers. And once again, I feel so lucky that Liza does what she does for us with such skill and passion for telling stories about amazing food and the people who make it.

You can find Bodhitree Farm on Saturdays at the Abingdon Square and Greenpoint/McCarren Park Greenmarkets, and Wednesdays and Fridays at Union Square.


~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City


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