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Book Review: Hand Drawn Jokes for Smart Attractive People

“Hand Drawn Jokes for Smart Attractive People,” by Matt Diffee

OK, this is not really a book review. It’s more of a way to entice you to get your own copy of New Yorker Cartoonist Matt Diffee’s new book, Hand Drawn Jokes for Smart Attractive People. (It’s almost as if he knows us, right?)

You’ll need your own copy because I’m not lending you mine.

I’m sure you read my interview with Matt about his non-cartoon artwork a couple of months ago. He’s the artist behind several of my all-time favorite cartoons. This book has provided some new additions to my list (see “Newtensils” on page 88-89).

There are 16 chapters, each around a different type of smart, attractive people. Chapter 2 For Smart Attractive People Who Are Lumberjacks. Chapter 3 For Smart Attractive People in Relationships. Chapter 6 For Smart Attractive People Who Use Utensils. Chapter 10 For Smart Attractive SEXY People. Chapter 11 For Smart Attractive People In Prison. Below are some excepts from Chapter 9 For Smart Attractive People Who Enjoy Food.

The book was released today, so you can get your copy in time to come see Matt and have him sign it in person at the Mid-Manhattan Library on July 21, 2015!

Congratulations, Matt! To paraphrase Jim Gaffigan (almost), your book is so funny. How awesome is that?

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

“Let me guess … You want the French and you want the Ranch. (Courtesy of Matt Diffee)

“We tried a vegan Thanksgiving this year, but our family still showed up.” (Courtesy of Matt Diffee)

Yeah, but the one in Vegas has an endless shrimp buffet. (Courtesy of Matt Diffee)

“Till now I always thought of the gravy train as a good thing.” (Courtesy of Matt Diffee)

Non-food favorite: Sled Dogs vs. Sled Pugs (Courtesy of Matt Diffee)

I’m skirting the ragged edge.. (Courtesy of Matt Diffee)

Impressive back cover endorsements! (Courtesy of Matt Diffee)

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