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Bright New Holiday Market Downtown In The Oculus

The Holiday Market At The Oculus

When I first starting working at American Express across from the World Trade Center in 2000, I remember the delightful holiday market that opened for a week on the North Bridge, which connected the World Trade Center North Tower to the Winter Garden. The bridge and the original tower are gone, but I still think about that sweet and surprising market at this time of year.

And now we have a brand new market way downtown inside the Oculus!  If you haven’t visited the Oculus yet, hop on pretty much any subway to get there. It’s the transit hub at the World Trade Center, and it’s a spectacular building. Designed by Santiago Calatrava, the building looks like white dove wings from the outside (or like a stegasaurus if you ask me). Inside is a blindingly white shopping mall (the Oculus was built with the whitest Carrara marble available) around an enormous open space. In that space is a beautiful, airy holiday market.

Holiday kiosks at the Oculus

The Holiday Market at the Oculus is set up like a little village center, and the booths are quite open and comfortable for browsing. Featured are 20 vendors selling fabulous holiday items, including some of my favorites,  Love Menu Art (prints and towels made from vintage restaurant menus), Pamela Barsky (hilarious, handprinted pouches), and Mr. Ellie Pooh (paper products made from elephant poop – they’re vegetarian, so it’s okay).

If it’s New York you’re after, than you have to find INSIDERS1. They make fun, top-quality accessories featuring co-owner Sigal de Mayo’s photography on Italian leather goods. Luggage tags, passport covers, money clips, all with iconic images from NY and other great cities. The handbags are fabulous too: leather totes, cross-body bags, wrist pouches, and more. They call just get with age – softer, and they don’t fade.

Finally, for the foodies or writers in your life, go visit Churoncalla, the shop with the grooviest of jewelry designs made from cutlery and other repurposed everyday items. Spoon rings, fork bracelets, and many more clever creations. Owner Fredy Roncalla also makes charming earrings, bracelets, and cuff links out of old typewriter keys.

The nice part about the Oculus Holiday Market is that it’s super convenient – you can take almost any subway and go check it out, or simply stop by on your way home from work. It’s a huge mall, with great shops, including the huge new Apple Store and Eataly.

Happy Commuting and Happy Holidays!

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

Love Menu Art at the Oculus

Sigal and Me with INSIDERS1 at the Oculus Holiday Market

INSIDERS1 Photography Bags and Accessories at the Oculus Holiday Market

Churoncalla Handmade Jewelry at the Oculus Holiday Market (photo by Fredy Churoncalla)

My nieces at the Oculus Holiday Market – plenty of photo ops!

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