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Bright Yellow Sunflowers Enjoy Visits from the Bees

Oak Grove Plantation Sunflowers: Bees Come Free

Sunflowers! Now is the time to fill your house with them. They are big, bright and beautiful. And they bring our lovely city bees down from the nearby rooftops down to the greenmarkets to say hello.

At least three farms had beautiful bunches today at the Union Square Greenmarket.

Some of the blooms are bigger than dessert plates. So grab every vase you have and fill them up with sunflowers. They last a good long time if you refresh the water and trim the stems every day or two.

Thanks to these farms for the flowers and the bees:

  1. Oak Grove Plantation

  2. The River Garden

  3. Dutchmill Gardens

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

The River Garden prepares sunflower bouquet at the Union Square Greenmarket

Giant Sunflower from The River Garden

Beauty in a bucket on a sidewalk in New York City

Buckets of sunflowers from Dutchmill Farms

Large sunflowers and one tiny but very important little urban bee, at Dutchmill Farms

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