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Brooklyn Cold Brew When Hot Coffee Just Won’t Do

Pick up a Grumbler or a Growler of Brooklyn Cold Brew Craft Coffee

My dad grew up drinking iced coffee in and around New York. But growing up in the Midwest myself, I remember him trying to order it at a pancake house and being met with quizzical looks. “Iced coffee? No, we don’t have that.” So he’d order a cup of hot coffee and a glass of ice and make his own. At home or in his laboratory, he’d make extra coffee at breakfast and sip it over ice during the day.

In other words, I grew up drinking weak, watery iced coffee.

Two weekends ago, I visited the Bushwick Flea, where I met Steve Gorman, Founder of Brooklyn Cold Brew Co. Brooklyn Cold Brew buys single source beans from Latin America and roasts them right in their Red Hook facility. As far as I know, they are the only cold brewing company that roasts their own coffee beans.

I’ve had cold brewed coffee that turns out so bitter that the milk you add is mostly to make it more palatable. My own efforts at cold brewing have not beet much more successful. Brooklyn Cold Brew, however, is rich and smooth, and not bitter at all. That’s why I’m so happy to write about it and help spread the word.

They sell their coffee in Grumblers (32 oz.) and Growlers (64 oz.). They’ll tell you that a growler can make a dozen 10 ounce cups or eight 12 ounce cups. It also depends on how strong or weak you like to drink your iced coffee though. I like my coffee super light, so our Grumbler has taken us a long way.

Go taste Brooklyn Cold Brew for yourself at the Bushwick Flea on Saturdays and Sundays, and also on Saturdays at the Hester Street Fair. The also offer delivery service in Red Hook, and full office solutions (the Javarator!) throughout the city. Cold Brew for All!

~Kare Seiger, Markets of New York City

Served up some Brooklyn Cold Brew at the office! (Before)

Nothing like smooth, iced coffee in the summertime! (After)

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