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Buon Pane Focaccia: A Fantastic Lunch Option in Union Square

Goat Cheese & Tomato Focaccia from Buon Pane in the Greenmarket

It’s not easy to find a mouthwatering, fresh lunch option in New York City for for under $5. But on Mondays, there is one option that is not to be missed: Buon Pane Bakery at the Union Square Greenmarket.

The Buon Pane Bakery in Secaucus, NJ brings a wonderful array of round focaccia “pizzas,” with a great variety of toppings. The bread is soft with a fine crisp crust, and the toppings all melt together to form a savory treat that fills you up.

I love the earthy mushroom and onion focaccia, but this past Monday I had the  goat cheese, tomato and basil for the incredible price of $3.50. You can’t beat it for satisfying flavors, textures or minimal damage to your lunch budget.

~ Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

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