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Churoncalla Makes Nostalgic Jewelry For People Who Love Letters

Churoncalla uses vintage typewriter keys for their jewelry designs at Artists & Fleas

Mix and Match Licence Plate Letters and Numbers

If you love fonts, numbers and letters, you will have a field day at the Churoncalla boutique. Freddy and Chess have a permanent spot at Artists & Fleas inside Chelsea Market, where they sell clever and nostalgic jewelry and accessories made from objects that will look and feel familiar from our lifetimes, but representative of the past.

Many of their designs are created using historic letter and number keys. You will find earrings, rings and bracelets made from old manual and electric typewriter keys, as well as more modern keys from early computer keyboards. You can mix and match the cufflinks or earrings if you want a set of specific initials. I also love the unusual keys that we no longer see today, like the “Shift Freedom” and “Tabular” key. Those ones are even before my time, although I certainly remember the “Back Space” key from my own typewriting days.

Vintage key bracelets by Churoncalla

Freddy and Chess turn other familiar objects jewelry as well, such as vintage dominoes, Scrabble tiles and even colorful old license plates. They also use vintage cutlery. You will find tiny canapé fork tines gripping a piece of turquoise, with the handle wrapping around into a ring. Larger souvenir spoons and elaborate forks become statement bracelets or necklaces.

I am particularly fond of the very old typewriter keys. I understand that the keys are from typewriters that are irreparable, and so I’m okay with salvaging their beautiful elements and giving them new life as someone’s favorite accessory.

Meet Freddy and Chess 7 days a week at Artists & Fleas in Chelsea Market (75 9th Avenue in Manhattan), or visit the Churoncalla Etsy store for online purchases. And if you have any writers on your gift list, pick up the perfect gifts for them from Churoncalla.

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

Freddy of Churoncalla at Artists & Fleas in Chelsea Market

Dangle Earrings by Churoncalla

Canape Fork Ring with Turquise and Other Semi-Precious Stoens

Souvenir Spoon Bracelet by Churoncalla

Unusual Keyboard Keys Become Mix and Match Cufflinks

Scrabble Tile Cufflinks by Churoncalla

Elaborate Vintage Forks Become Strking Pendants

A Happy Churoncalla Customer and Her New Spoon Ring

Turning Licence Plastes, Keyboards and Even Circuits into Fun Jewelry

Very Unique and Personalized Money Clips by Churoncalla at Artists & Fleas

Pick Your Lucky Numbers On These Domino Rings

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