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City Saucery: Tomato Sauces From Nonna’s Calabrian Kitchen

Artisanal Tomato Sauces from City Saucery

Did you go to the Gluten Free EatUP last weekend? I went to the one in May, and I had an amazing time. Sponsored by Levine’s General Store, this event currently takes place monthly. The first two have been so successful — I am anticipating that the frequency will increase in due time!

I am not a gluten-free eater. In fact, I’ll take all your gluten if you’re not going to eat it. In all seriousness, though, some people simply cannot eat any gluten for serious health reasons. Others choose not to eat it. So imagine a place where all the food is not only safe to eat, but also delicious. That is the case with this event, and it’s a pretty amazing thing.

One my favorite products I found there, among many, is the line of tomato sauces from the City Saucery. Co-founded by Michael Marino, his beautiful mother Carolina Marino (also known as Nonna to her grandbabies) and Michael’s partner Jorge Moret, City Saucery creates delicious sauces based on Nonna’s traditional recipes from Calabria, Italy.

Jorge, Nonna and Michael, Co-Founders of City Saucery

Jorge, Nonna and Michael, Co-Founders of City Saucery

They source the highest quality local and seasonal ingredients, including 100% New Jersey tomatoes, onions and herbs, to produce three kinds of sauces: Nonna’s Sweet Sauce, Nonna’s Smoky Sauce and Nonna’s Spicy Sauce. The sweet sauce is rich yet mild. It is perfect to throw over a bowl of pasta, or to cook something more complex like ratatouille. The secret ingredient in the Smoky Sauce is roasted eggplant. It is actually pretty intense, so a little can go a long way in a dish like smoky red lentils. The Spicey Sauce is made with spicy Calabrian chiles. You can put it on a hamburger or over shrimp and pasta. It is quiet a diverse ingredient that can add zest and body to a wide variety of dishes.

City Saucery also produces a small batch Spicey Red Pesto made with sun-dried tomatoes and habanero peppers. Eat it on a sandwich, over veggies, or basically anything that tastes better with sun dried tomatoes or pesto. It is intense and very tasty.

I admit that I have only made simple pasta dishes with the sauces thus far. It’s my way of trying them in the most simple context. I served them over the gluten-free rice pasta from Pastificio La Rosa (also from the Gluten-Free EatUP), with lots of sauteed broccolini and mushrooms. The meal was luscious, satisfying and easy to digest.

Our Dinner with City Saucery

Our Dinner with City Saucery

Michael, Jorge and Nonna will tell you that their products are much more than pasta sauces. They are tomato sauces. The difference is that while you can — and should — pour their sauces over pasta, you can also use them in so many more recipes. In fact, their website features healthy, mouthwatering and beautiful recipes.

In fact their entire new website is beautiful. Both Michael and Jorge come from a design background, and Nonna is magical in the kitchen. These three business partners have used their mutual alchemy to create a modern family business around traditional Italian food. You can’t get more fun and tasty than that!

You can find City Saucery products every Sunday at the Down To Earth Farmers Market in Park Slope, Brooklyn and at the regularly scheduled Gluten Free EatUPS. You can also order your jars directly online. Check their website for specialty food stores and online retailers that carry their products too.

Follow City Saucery on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

City Saucery Tomato Sauces

City Saucery Tomato Sauces – Taste Them All!


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