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Citybitz – Mini Tributes to New York City

Artisan of the Week for the Brooklyn Lyceum’s Spring Food and Craft Market!

If ever there was a great idea for a New York City artisan, it’s Citybitz’ “photographic creations,” featuring the details and culture of the city.

Artist and designer Joan Huggard creates functional art, such as jewelry, mirrors, card cases, money clips, pillboxes, and compacts, all featuring photographic images.  She does her own photography of iconic sites, both macro and micro.  She takes beautiful angles of the Flatiron Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Empire State Building.  But she also admires the smallest details, like the subway tiles in the Chinatown station, the crosswalk guy, and signs in Coney Island.  Images you love and images you’ve never even noticed before show up in Joan’s work.

These items appeal to both New Yorkers and to visitors alike.  Joan’s reversible Uptown/Downtown pendant is perfect for those New Yorkers who never go below 14th Street as well as those who never venture above Houston.  The cardholder with the word “Drama,” from a theater façade, is the perfect gift for the drama queens in our lives.  For visitors to New York, it is often so hard to find unique, quality souvenirs to take home to friends and family.  How many people actually appreciate receiving a foam Statue of Liberty crown (I mean, besides me)?  But a money clip with an Empire State Building image, or a necklace with the Coney Island parachute jump on it are beautiful, handmade, and very special souvenirs.

Joan also does custom work.  If you are commemorating a special occasion, such as a wedding, a birth, a favorite pet, or anything at all, she can take your images and create a wall mirror or other special items just for you.

Joan will be selling her creations on May 1 and 2 at the Brooklyn Lyceum’s Spring Food and Craft Market.  Citybitz is a regular at the Brooklyn Flea on Saturdays and Sundays, and you can check the Citibitz website for other market dates as well.   Citybitz is also a member of the NewNew Etsy Artisans Group, and she sells her work in her Etsy shop online.


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