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Colibri Catalog: Free App To Create Instant Catalogs

My husband James’ company, Colibri Solutions, develops custom desktop and mobile databases for businesses in a wide variety of industries. He works primarily in FileMaker, which just released their new version 13 platform. To show the advanced features and functionalities of the new version, James built this FREE catalog creation solution, Colibri Catalog.

Colibri Catalog allows users to create, print and email all types of photo catalogs – inventories, art and hobby collections, vintage treasures, and more. Colibri Catalog 1.1 also supports multiple languages (Spanish, Portuguese, French and English so far).

I thought it would be a great tool for market vendors. You can literally create a custom catalog using your iPhone or iPad and email a .pdf right to your customer. If you have someone who can’t decide which item to purchase, you can make a quick catalog so she can come back later or find them on your website and buy one – or all – of them. If you have a buyer or a designer who wants more information about your products, you can snap a photo of all the ones they’re interested and email them the listings right then and there.

Colibri just released the second version of the catalog, and so I thought it would be a good time to cross-post their blog about it. If you’re doing any of the upcoming gift shows or Valentine’s Day Markets, please try out Colibri Catalog before you go so you can be prepared to use on on site!

You can download Colibri Catalog 1.1 to your iPad and iPhone:

  1. Start by downloading the FileMaker Go 13 app to your iOS device (also free).

  2. Then either:

  3. Download Colibri Catalog (v1.1) and add it to FileMaker Go 13 via iTunes, or

  4. Click HERE from your device’s mobile browser to load Colibri Catalog directly.

James and Colibri are very interested in your feedback! You can email it to him directly.

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

The new Slideshow View in Colibri Catalog. (These are truffles from the Marché Raspail in Paris.)

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