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Conrad New York Hotel Launches Tasty Collaboration With The Bruffin

Bruffin Benedict at the Conrad New York Hotel

Bruffin Benedict for Brunch at the Conrad New York Hotel (Photo by Kayla Baken)

By now, you probably know about my deep love for The Bruffin. The Bruffin, for the few of you who may not know about it, is a collection of buttery brioche muffins (br+uffin) with a wide range of savory and sweet fillings from around the world. Bruffins are unique and delicious, light yet filling.

I wrote about the success of The Bruffin after I met the geniuses behind this food innovation, Medy Youcef and Michael Bagley at the Brooklyn Flea and the LIC Flea just over a year ago. Their success continues today with the lovely Bruffin Cafe, which opened inside the Gansevoort Market in the fall.

And just this spring, they launched their collaboration with the Conrad New York Hotel in the northern end of Battery Park City.

Bruffin Slider at the Conrad New York Hotel - Niman Ranch Burger on a French Bruffin

Bruffin Slider at the Conrad New York Hotel – Niman Ranch Burger on a French Bruffin

After meeting The Bruffin at Smorgasburg, the food and beverage director of the hotel collaborated with Hotel Chef Antonio Cardoso to incorporate bruffins into the menu at the hotel’s ATRIO Wine Bar and Restaurant. I had the opportunity to taste the two bruffin dishes, and they were both absolutely delicious.

ATRIO now offers the Bruffin Eggs Benedict, a traditional eggs benedict served on a toasted French Bruffin, which is filled with lardons, gruyere and brie. The new Bruffin Burger, a grilled Niman Ranch all-beef patty also served on a French Bruffin bun, is available on the brunch, lunch and dinner menus. You can order the burgers as three Bruffin Sliders, served on mini bruffins. The French Bruffin essentially turns the burgers and sliders into very fancy, very tasty bacon cheeseburgers. The coffee bar features a selection bruffins in a variety of flavors, which guests can order to go.

In addition, this summer Conrad New York will once again partner with People’s Pops, whose frozen pops we all know and love from our favorite food markets. The hotel’s Loopy Droopy Rooftop Bar will be serving People’s Pops’ Prosecco & Ice Pop cocktails. They are also collaborating with ATRIO on a dessert offering that consists of ” a mocha-flavored ice pop, a hazelnut cream-filled churro and two flavorful dips; one consisting of mascarpone and cocoa, and the other espresso foam.”

If you’re getting the impression that Chef Cardoso is brilliant, you’re on the right track. He is originally from Portugal, and he has worked at some of the finest hotels in the world, including the Ritz Carlton and Plaza. SCOOP: He is working with The Bruffin to create a Portuguese Bruffin. You heard it here first! (I think it should be modeled after the classic pasteis de Belem, personally.)

I heartily applaud Conrad New York’s cuisine team appreciation and collaboration with two amazing food entrepreneurs from the markets of New York City. They obviously know a good thing when they taste it. And it warms my heart that they are supporting and promoting these food entrepreneurs rather than trying to recreate their products on their own. That alone is a good reason for everyone to visit the hotel’s restaurant and rooftop bar. The views of the Hudson and the Statue of Liberty are good reasons too.

Conrad New York Hotel is located at 102 North End Avenue in Battery Park City. 

~ Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City


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