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Constance Nadig Makes You Nostalgic for Times Before You Were Even Born

My Tiny Niece Maddie with Constance Nadig at the Chelsea Flea

My Tiny Niece Maddie came and spent 5 days with us in New York City. She is 11 now, and she is a magical unicorn. One thing she said she wanted to do while she was here was to visit some markets with me. She said this more than once, and without any prompting, so I figured she really was interested. And off we went.

Our first stop was the Chelsea Flea Market on 25th Street between 6th and Broadway. As we strolled through the rows of clean white tents, we talked about how all the objects on the market tables once belonged to other people and graced other homes.

VIntage Glass Bird Ornament

And then we came across some vintage Christmas ornaments.

Maddie’s great-great grandparents came to US from Poland carrying all their possessions with them across the world, including some incredibly fragile glass Christmas tree ornaments that actually survived the journey. Even more astounding is the fact that they have survived for decades since then and still adorn our trees every year.

The ornaments that caught our eye were resting on the tables of Constance Nadig. Constance has a lovely range of very old, very delicate ornaments from early last century, as well as later mid-century pieces. That Saturday, she also had a sweet, red vintage pixie. “Pixies sell fast these days,” she said.

When you go to the Chelsea Flea, ask at the entrance for directions to Constance’s tent. She is very nice and very happy to tell you about the objects in her collection and their role in history. And if you want to add a touch of vintage charm to your holiday decor, now is the time to stop by and visit Constance this weekend for the best selection of antique ornaments and holiday decorations.

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

Who doesn’t love a funny red pixie?

Vintage Santa Riding on a Reindeer

A vintage dollie and her smiling piggy

Bowl of Beautiful Antique Lace

Constance tells Maddie about minature diorama tableau from Germany’s Black Forest

Closeup of the Tyrolean house interior diorama Tableau

A tea towel that is also a holiday board game!

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