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Cool Market Photo May 14, 2013: Kamspots Handmade Planters

Last weekend at the Museum School Craft Fair was a lovely booth filled with happy plants in beautiful planters, each unique and handmade by Kamspots.

Ceramic artist Kam Wong Cichowski wanted just the right kind of planter for her plants at home, and so she set out to make them herself. She throws each unique piece on a wheel and then carves out the organic shapes.

Her breezy collection includes planters for tabletops, as well as hanging planters. Her terrariums feature a ceramic base. Kam then takes a stock glass vase turned it upside down to top off the terrarium. Sometimes she drills a hole in the bottom of the vase and adds a handle.

Air plants, succulents, mosses and more thrive in the miniature environments Kam creates for them.

Kam launched Kamspots only a few months ago. Let’s show her how much we like her work by following her on Facebook!

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

Vase with Airplant by Kamspots

Hanging ceramic planter with succulents, by Kamspots

Sweet Blue Ceramic Planter by Kamspots

Terrarium by Kamspots

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