• Karen Seiger

Coolest Piggy Bank Ever?

Sometimes flea vendors are shy, or they can’t be bothered to see their cool stuff written up online by the likes of yours truly. Such was the case with an otherwise super friendly seller at the Brooklyn Flea who had a table covered with New York City parking meters.

When these beasts are not encased in their familiar steel and glass fortresses on the sidewalk, they are actually feats of beauty and industrial design. You can pop in a coin and use it as an egg timer. Or as a nap clock (no alarm – the best kind). Or as the coolest piggy bank ever.

I won’t tell you what they cost because, frankly, I told the vendor that he wasn’t charging enough for these beauties! So if you’re up for a challenge, head to the Flea next weekend, find this vendor and pick up a sentimental part of NYC history (with just a sprinkle of bitterness for all the tickets for which it was responsible).

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