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Delicious Innovations By Got Cake At The New Shwick Market

Adding the Salt Caramel Topping To My Cake Pop

Got Cake lets you build your own Cake Pop

When we think about innovation, we think about big things, like the automobile, or the iPad, or the door that converts into a pingpong table.  But I’ve learned that the most impactful innovations are often on a smaller scale — tweaking a detail, adding a slight twist, or simply by looking at something in a different light.

Shana Lawson, Founder of Got Cake

Shana Lawson, Founder of Got Cake

The new and awesome Shwick Market opened last weekend in Bushwick (photos coming soon), and one particular innovation really made my day. Got Cake is a company that combines the design and physics of a pushup pop container with the “make your own sundae” concept, except with cakes, frostings and toppings. You read that right – push-up cake pops.

Artist, Baker & Teacher Shana Lawson makes tiny individual cakes that fit perfectly in the rounded square containers. “I make each cake this size,” Shana told me. “They are actual single cakes, not cut to fit.”

Last weekend, she had vanilla, chocolate and red velvet cakes. She also made frostings: butter cream, chocolate and cream cheese. Her collection of toppings included Oreos, cherries, cinnamon apple, pumpkin pie, salted caramel, vanilla rum and honey whiskey.

You can choose any combination of three tiny cakes, one or more types of frosting, and all the toppings you want. Shana carefully places each layer in the cake pop, and she seals it with a lid — as if you could wait to eat it.

She made my cake pop with all three kinds of cakes, butter cream and cream cheese frosting, and salted caramel and Oreo cookies toppings. It was such a great cake experience, and it was fun to pop up each bite out of the container. The cakes were moist and lovely, and the frostings were rich and creamy. The Oreo bits added a nice texture to the entire cake pop.

I am very excited to see where Shana goes with her business. She can set up Got Cake stations at weddings, parties, and any other kind of event. It seems to be designed perfectly for franchises. We talked about having a Got Cake bar in every mall across the country. I’d bet on it happening too because the idea is great, the cakes are scrumptious, and the push pops are plain old fun.

Meet Shana and make your own Got Cake push pop this weekend at Shwick Market, 6 Charles Place, Bushwick, Brooklyn.

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

Got Cake Menu

You can choose any or all of these menu items

Piping on the frosting

Piping on one of the frostings I chose

My Cake Pop

My Cake Pop

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