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Did You See All The Amazing Food on NY1?

Karen NY1 Spring Markets

This past weekend, I was back on NY1 to talk about the amazing food markets in the city!

Note: You need to have a Time Warner Cable account to see the video online, although I’ve heard it may work on your mobile device without one.

Thanks to the food markets and food vendors who participated with me:

And thanks to Melissa Bell for my beautiful dress, to Jewels by Atlantis for the ruby jewelry, and to Monika at Allure 13 Salon for getting to work at 7AM to make me pretty. And Pastry Chef Medy Youcef helped me with the display and brought Bruffins for our friends at NY1. (I understand they were all gone in about 30 seconds!)

Many thanks to Kristen Shaughnessy for having me back, and to all the extremely nice professionals at NY1. I hope you enjoyed the Bruffins!

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City


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