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Enjoy Diwali Sweets at the Bittersweet NYC Pop Up

Mithai & Indian Sweets from Bittersweet NYC

I have not been to India yet, but I get excited about Indian food, Indian colors, and, of course, Shahrukh Khan. So when I met Chef Surbhi Sahni and her company Bittersweet NYC at the Queens County Market last year, I was very happy to taste her wonderful baked goods made with the flavors of India.

This week, Chef Sahni is hosting a wonderful Bittersweet NYC Pop Up to celebrate the Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights! The pop up is being hosted by Chef Hemant Mathur of Haldi restaurant in Murray Hill. We can dine on Chef Mathur’s wonderful Indian dishes, many of which are based on old family recipes. Dessert will be a selection of Bittersweet’s lovely sweets:

Ladoos, ball-shaped sweets:

  1. Besan – chickpea flour, roasted cashews, green cardamom

  2. Chocolate Besan – chickpea flour, roasted cashews, green cardamom, Callebaut dark chocolate

  3. Kesar Malai – saffron, paneer, reduced milk, almonds


  1. Chocolate – Calibut chocolate, reduced milk, gold dust

  2. Caramel – reduced milk, paneer, fleur de sel

  3. Carrot – carrot halwa, reduced milk, candied almonds

  4. Dal Halwa – lentils, fennel, toasted nuts,


  1. Pecan Cognac – Calibut chocolate ganache, toasted pecans, dark chocolate

  2. Ginger – candied ginger, ginger ganache, Calibut dark chocolate

  3. Coconut – coconut, reduced milk, green cardamom

  4. Chili Chocolate – Indian red chilies, reduced milk, dark chocolate, Valhrona cocoa powder

Visit the Bittersweet Diwali Pop Up November 10 – 14, 2015 at Haldi Restaurant, 102 Lexington Avenue at East 27th in Manattan.

Happy Diwali!

Photos courtesy of Bittersweet NYC

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

Bittersweet NYC Coconut Truffles

Sweets to Celebrate Diwali, the Festival of Lights

Assorted Indian Sweets from Bittersweet NYC

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