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Enjoy Mouthwatering Flavors Of Africa At Weekend Pop Up Eatery

I am so excited about this event! Africa is a big place, and the foods are incredibly diverse. When I lived and worked in Mozambique, neighboring South Africa, I had some of the best food I’ve ever had, like epic curried butter beans that I still dream about, and spicy gazelle kababs along the Zambezi River, with the hippos burping along the riverbank. I can’t wait to see what’s bubbling and broiling this weekend at Munch Africa!

Munch Africa Image

​Ukuva – African Food Services, and Madiba Restaurant are collaborating to set up the first Munch Africa – Pop Up Eatery. The launching installment will feature a series of South African dishes, wines, beers and cocktails and will rotate to other dishes from different parts of the African continent. The eatery will be available on June 11 & 12, 2016 at the Artists & Fleas Market located at 70 North 7th Street in the Williamsburg’s neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Artists & Fleas, which was established in 2003, showcases more than 100 individual sellers and has cultivated an international reputation among buyers and creative entrepreneurs as a place to showcase and discover what’s new and exciting in fashion, food, art, design and more. This will be the first time the Pop Up Eatery will showcase their African cuisine at the market and is hoping by doing so it will widen their audience base of those who want to sample authentic African food.

Ukuva iAfrica truly is a story told in flavors. Each and every Fair Trade product in their diverse range of hot sauces, spice blends and chili salts represents a part of their journey through the continent of Africa. All items are now available for purchase here in the USA. Madiba restaurant, located in Brooklyn, has been bringing the home cooking of South African kitchens to New York tables since 1999. Based in New York City and partnering with local restaurants and chefs, some of whom work directly out of their homes,, – African Food Services provides authentic cuisine from countries across the African continent including Egypt, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and more. The online ordering platform allows customers to view the selections available and order directly through the website for both free delivery and pick-up.

Countries across Africa offer a diverse array of ingredients in their dishes and some items are more common to certain regions than others. North African food has a Middle Eastern influence and is known for its spices such as cinnamon, saffron, ginger and clove. Dishes originating from Southern and Eastern Africa use fish, grains, beans and vegetables. Corn is also used in many of these dishes. Heavy starches are often the staple of West African dishes, which can also include hot spices, peanut sauce and chili peppers.

“We are very excited to be showcasing authentic African cuisine at Artists & Fleas.  “For those who are new to African cuisine or those who enjoy its rich taste and diversity, there is something for everyone. The new Munch Africa – Pop Up Eatery is a great opportunity for those that are interested to come out and try something new.”

For more information, join the event on Facebook or Eventbrite (

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

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