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Ever See A Penguin on the A Train?

Ned Visits New York, by Kip Cosson

Kip Cosson of Kip Kids sure knows how to draw a penguin. And a mouse. And a New York City subway.

That’s because he is an award winning illustrator. I have long admired his colorful graphics on tees and onesies for babies and little kids. He has also written five books, which he sells in the city’s top craft markets, including the Union Square Holiday Market this season.

On the subway

One of my favorite books is Ned Visits New York. Ned is a penguin who comes on vacation to New York from the South Pole, via iceberg of course. He is visiting his penpal Meece, a mouse who lives in the city. (Meece is also a mayoral candidate in Meece for Mayor.)

Meece and Ned go all over town: Coney Island, a Broadway Show, Central Park, Murray’s Cheese, and many other places. They take the subways and taxis, or they walk. They have a wonderful time together for a week, and then Ned hops on the next iceberg back down to the South Pole. The last pages of the book features a map of New York City with all the places the two friends visit together.

Kip’s illustrations can help early readers figure out words on the pages. They are also perfect bedtime stories for kids of all ages, as long as the person reading it out loud knows how to do a good penguin voice.

Kip’s booth at Union Square is a must-visit if you need gifts for kids. His books and his clothing for children are bright, delightful, and so very New York!

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

Kip Cosson in his market tent! (Photo courtesy of Kip Kids)

Can you spot the likeness? (Kip is totally the coolest cat in real life too!)

Here’s the map of the places Ned & Meece Visit in NYC

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