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Exotic Merlot Salt from The Filling Station

In Old World Europe, you can take your bottles to a local shop and refill them with olive oil and wine.  This charming custom is revived by The Filling Station, a lovely company inside Chelsea Market and currently at the Union Square Holiday Market this season, that sells all natural extra virgin olive oils, specialty oils, balsamic vinegars, exotic salts, facial & body scrubs and even local and imported craft beer both local and imported.

You make your first purchase at the Filling Station, and then they encourage you to clean the bottle and bring it back for refills.  The practice encourages recycling, and you enjoy a 10% discount on your subsequent purchases.

The Filling Station’s products are all beautiful and high quality.  The color of this particular Merlot Salt caught my eye as I walked by their boutique at the Holiday Market.  It is so unusual – a striking pink with purple tones and a rich, distinct flavor.  You can use it to flavor grilled meats and as a finishing salt on savory dishes.  I imagine a salt caramel would be even more special with pink granules as well.  It also adds a punch of color to your table in a salt cellar or a glass salt shaker.

If you have foodies and cooks on your holiday gift list, definitely shop at The Filling Station!


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