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Extending The Summer With A Sweet Juicy Watermelon

Sweet Seedless Watermelon from Michisk's Farm

Sweet Seedless Watermelon from Michisk’s Farm

James loves watermelon. We simply have not had enough of it this summer. So yesterday in the Union Square Greenmarket, the plump, seedless watermelons from Michisk’s Farm caught his eye.

We stepped under the tent, where we heard a woman say to the farmer, “You have the sweetest watermelons in the entire city. I make a special trip here just to see you this time of year.”

Clearly, we had to try one. So James picked a particularly robust melon. It was super heavy, but we managed to lug it back to the office. And are we glad we did!

It was perfect. Bright pink on the inside and incredibly sweet. It was juicy too, but somehow it was surprisingly unmessy. We’ve eaten a quarter of it, which means it should last us through the end of the weekend, if we don’t share it with friends. Which we won’t.

Okay… maybe a small slice, but only for you.

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

Carrying This Watermelon Is A Treat -- And A Workout!

Carrying This Watermelon Is A Treat — And A Workout!

Dividing the Melon

Dividing the Melon



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