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Fabulous Food and Crafts at the Brooklyn Lyceum

On May 1st and 2nd, the Brooklyn Lyceum was host to the wonderful Spring Food and Crafts Market.  I went to the Lyceum’s Holiday Market in December, and I bought loads of gifts.  The manuscript for the guidebook had already been submitted, but I called my editor at Little Bookroom and asked if there was any way we could make a last minute addition.  This market was too good to leave out of the book.

Fortunately, Little Bookroom and our wonderful book designer worked it all out, and the Lyceum Market is indeed featured in the guidebook, which is officially released on May 11.  So when the Lyceum invited us to do a pre-publication launch of Markets of New York City at the Spring Market, I was thrilled.

There were over 100 truly talented artisan and food vendors, and likely over a thousand wonderful shoppers.  I cannot say enough about the high quality of the handmade goods.  It was nice to see vendors meeting their repeat customers who come find them at the various markets around town.  And there was a good deal of buzz around the food, which was in abundance, including BaconMarmalade, P&H Soda and Syrup (who kept me going in the heat with icy cream sodas), and the beautiful macarons from Macaron Parlour.   I also brought home Niki and Doug’s Ramp Butter, which we have been slathering on pretty much everything this week (everything that wasn’t already slathered with BaconMarmalade, that is).

People were very excited about the guidebook, those who wanted to know where all the great markets are and even those who know all about them already.  This was my first experience as a New York market vendor, and I had a great time, although it gave me first-hand experience as to how hard the vendors work every weekend while the rest of us are strolling through the markets munching on cupcakes and Yona’s mini-quiches.  On Sunday evening, I went home, put my feet up, and fell sound asleep.

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