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Fabulous Tentacle Ring from Sarella Suarez

This Tentacle Ring pictured tickled my fancy, as I always love an octopus or squid. It is cast in silver with a nice heft to it, combined with fine detailing of each individual sucker. It feels good on your finger, and it’s guaranteed to inspire many conversations. I also appreciate the subtle Steampunk / Jules Verne qualities of this ring.

It has been fascinating to watch Sarella’s collections evolve. She has a line of silver bracelets with a lovely organic feel, featuring a wide variety of stones, such as druzy, quartz, volcanic rock and more.

Interestingly, I went out for a walk at lunch today after drafting this posting, and I found this tray of calamari salad at Agata & Valentina, the sweet new gourmet store on University Place. Look familiar? [singlepic id=1552 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=center]


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