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Fall Harvest Market Haul + Onion Recipes Wanted

Fall Market Haul on a Rainy Day in Late October

Yesterday, James and I went to the farmers market in the rain. There’s something about raindrops on apples, the light filtered through clouds and the edible rainbow of seasonal produce that made the market glow yesterday.

So we kind of lost our minds loading up on mid-week ingredients. Our “haul included:

  1. One more butternut squash because the first one of the season was so good;

  2. Concord grapes, the smell of James’ childhood upstate;

  3. Creamline milk because it tastes like milk used to taste;

  4. A bag of onions – See below;

  5. A gorgeous head of broccoli that got turned into a lovely soup, along with a splash of the milk for a light creaminess;

  6. A pint of blueberry ice cream because blueberry ice cream;

  7. A bag of potatoes to roast with the duck butter we have in the fridge;

  8. Beets for roasting with a few sprigs of rosemary;

  9. Rainbow carrots for adding dots of beautiful color to mashed potatoes and soups;

  10. Crispin apples, and a 5 lb. bag of mixed apples for making apple sauce.

So we’re good for a few days of lovely fall cooking projects.

The Farmer Alex at Paffenroth Gardens told me that this is the best season for onions in 18 years! So I would love to share some of your recipes that feature onions in the forefront!

You can post your favorite links in the comments below, or email them to me at I’ll cook as many of them as I can in my crazy kitchen. (What I mean is, I’ll ask James to cook as many of them as he can in our lame kitchen).

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York city



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