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Fluffy, Flavorful Fennel from Lani’s Farm

Fluffy Fennel from Lani's Farm

Fennel Bulb and Fine Leaves

Have you ever eaten or cooked with fennel? I can say I have eaten it, but I can’t recall ever having cooked with it. These fennel plants from Lani’s Farm at Down To Earth Market in Larchmont, NY and the Union Square Greenmarket looked so lush and beautiful that I had to snap their picture.

Anise or licorice is the best way to describe the flavor of fennel. I find fresh, raw fennel shaved into a salad to be delicious and very refreshing. Italians use it frequently – finochhio. And I love the flavor of fennel seeds in Persian, Indian and other foods from the East. Melissa Clark of the New York Times made a nice video about fennel. She teaches us to save the thin but abundant leaves and use them as garnishes or flavoring for other dishes, or even make Fennel Frond Pesto with them!

The Huffington Post has some wonderful fennel recipes, including Caramelized Braised Fennel and Sausage, Fennel And Asparagus Pizza. Martha Stewart does too, of course, including Roast Chicken with Fennel and Lemon, and Seared Salmon with Orange and Fennel.

Check out these recipes and please share pictures of the dishes you make!

Karen Seiger@Markets of New York City



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