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For Food Lovers: Holly-Daze Truffles from Roni-Sue’s Chocolates

Holly-Daze Truffles Collection from Roni-Sue's Chocolates (Photo by Paul Wagtouicz)

Holly-Daze Truffles Collection from Roni-Sue’s Chocolates (Photo by Paul Wagtouicz)

If ever there was a holiday gift for truffle lovers, it is this: Roni-Sue’s Chocolates Holly-Daze Collection!

New York Chocolatier Roni-Sue uses single source chocolate from Belize and makes all her truffles by hand. This season, she is introducing a new seasonal collection of holiday-flavored bonbons, some offering just a nip of your favorite festive spirits, like rum, brandy and peppermint schnapps.

The Holly-Daze collection includes:

  1. Tannenbaum: Rhonda’s homage to the traditional Christmas tree, hand-crafted with dark chocolate using Stone Pine liqueur, rosemary infused cream and a magical fresh pine tincture made by Jori of Lady Jayne’s Alchemy, topped with edible green Christmas tree glitter What else is in the mix?

  2. Brandied Fruit Cake —Valrhona dark chocolate dipped perzipan center with brandied cherries, currants, candied orange & pecans – topped with a piece of candied orange peel

  3. Egg Nog – Valrhona white chocolate shell, filled with Dulce chocolate ganache with dark rum, egg powder and spices. Finished with a Dulce chocolate drizzle.

  4. Sugar Plum — Direct-trade dark chocolate ganache with dried plums, plum jam, plum brandy dipped in Valrhona dark chocolate and finished with organic purple sugar and edible purple glitter

  5. Ginger Bread —Dark milk chocolate ganache with ginger spread, fresh ginger, coffee syrup, cream, ‘Snap’ and ‘Intense’ liqueurs—thin hand-applied chocolate shell rolled in crushed ginger snaps.

  6. Peppermint Candy Cane — Valrhona white shell, filled with Valrhona white chocolate ganache with organic candy cane, fresh dried mint, peppermint schnapps and a splash of Frenet Branca. Finished with white chocolate drizzle and sprinkled with candy cane powder

I’ve tried them all, and I can promise you that they taste as wonderful as they look! I’m an eggnog fanatic, and these eggnog truffles are an extra creamy version of the drink, and coated in white chocolate. The tannenbaum truffle is extraordinary too. It tastes like cool, sweet pine, reminiscent of the pine lozenges you find in Parisian food markets.

The brandied fruit cake will bring back memories to anyone who ever had to sell Claxton’s fruit cake as a school fundraiser (you know who you are!) — in a good way. It is rich and cakey on the inside. I love the purple glitter on the sugarplum truffle, and the gingerbread is topped with tiny cookie crumbs that give it a nice texture from the outside in.

Last but not least, the peppermint candy cane truffle is filled with minty white chocolate ganache that pops into your mouth as you bite through the dark chocolate shell. It is like a classic peppermint bark, only richer and much much smoother. And schsnappsier.

A box of Holly-Daze Truffles is a wonderful hostess gift too, and a guarantee that you will be invited back.

Pick up the entire collection, or individual bonbons at Roni-Sue’s Chocolate Shoppe at 148 Forsyth Street (open 7 days), or at Roni-Sue’s inside the Essex Street Market at 120 Essex Street (closed Mondays).

Sweets for your sweets! [Thanks to fabulous food photographer Paul Wagtouicz for this beautiful image!)

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

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