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For the Vegetarian Kitchen: How To Butcher An Eggplant?

Rocks and Salt Dish Towels

You may know my friends Sara and Phil of Rocks  and Salt from their stylish handmade hats and skirts. And now they’ve created vegetarian kitchen towels offering instructions on how best to butcher meaty vegetables. Now vegetarians and vegans need no longer miss out on the great fun of swinging a cleaver into a mighty hock, shank or shoulder — of an eggplant, cauliflower or carrot. Chop away! ~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

Practical, Humorous Hand and Dish Towels for Your Vegetarian Kitchen.

Brooklyn, NY, June 6, 2013: Rocks and Salt atelier has launched a new kitchen accessories brand R&S Scullery with a collection of fun, practical, and witty kitchen towels. Gourmet, healthy, vegetarian, and just plain good cooking is more popular than ever and chefs everywhere need answers to questions such as, ‘How do you butcher an eggplant?’ and ‘Where is the loin on a cauliflower?’

Rocks and Salt, known for their accessories and apparel, have illustrated a collection of ‘vegetable charts’ to finally answer such questions. Screen printed in Brooklyn, NY on absorbent cotton and linen towels, R&S Scullery’s entire collection of ‘vegetable chart’ towels is currently available through R&S Scullery on-line. You can also pick them up in person at several upcoming artisan markets and craft shows, listed below.

Rocks and Salt was founded by Sara Hull and Phil Miner, who met cooking in the natural foods restaurant scene of Brooklyn at the dawn of the Millennium. In 2005 they moved from cooking and baking to sewing hats, then bags, then skirts. “Now the circle is complete with this whimsical, food inspired line of tea towels and kitchen accessories,” chuckled Rocks and Salt designer Sara Hull as she chomped on a carrot hock.

The circle is complete, and larger. “R&S has always worked with high quality, hand-selected textiles, and even screen printed on our hats and skirts, so the extension into linens wasn’t much of a stretch,” Phil offered. Sara and Phil have been vegetarians for over twenty years and are pot-luck and dinner party people. These towels provide a way to relate to other vegetarians and veggie fanatics in one place they all have in common — the kitchen!

R&S scullery’s entire collection of ‘vegetable chart’ towels can be found on-line at and R&S will be showing their wares this summer at:

Renegade Craft Fair on the Brooklyn waterfront June 22 & 23, 2013 Artscape in Baltimore, July 19 & 21, 2013 Newport Folk Festival at Fort Adams State Park in Rhode Island, July 26- 18, 2013

Butcher An Eggplant Tea Towel - R&S Scullery

Butcher An Eggplant Tea Towel – R&S Scullery

Caulifower Butcher Chart Kitchen Towel - R&S Scullery

Caulifower Butcher Chart Kitchen Towel – R&S Scullery

Yellow Checked Carrot Butcher Chart - R&S Scullery

Yellow Checked Carrot Butcher Chart – R&S Scullery


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