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Forget Bling – It’s All About The Schmutz!

I ♥ Schmutzerland.  Not the mountainous, politically neutral European country with fabulous chocolate instead of armed forces.  But Schmutzerland, the family-owned jewelry design business that creates colorful, imaginative earrings, necklaces, cocktail rings, brooches, cufflinks and more.

The name itself slays me every time.  They set out to be the “anti-bling,” but they have achieved something far greater, which is a successful creative business with a really fun vibe, a distinct style, and a broad appeal.  I sought them out at this weekend’s Spring Lyceum Market because I knew they’d have the perfect Mother’s Day Gift for my mother-in-law.  She already has a formidable jewelry collection, and I know she’s going to love the peacock feather necklace we got for her.  (She doesn’t have a computer, so our secret is safe here the privacy of the Internet.)

Schmutzerland has created numerous collections with names like Buddha and Botanicals, Nostalgia and Curios, and Insectivora.  They feature primarily historic images, and sometimes simply beautiful patterns and designs, encased in acrylic domes and lightweight settings, usually with tiny crystal or bead accents.  Each piece is carefully designed and assembled by hand.  There are so many images that I can relate to, from portraits of my heros Amelia Earhart and Benjamin Franklin, to the Victorian octopus earrings that I wear pretty much every day.

Schmutzerland will be at Brooklyn Craft Central’s Shop the Archway on May 21, 2011!  Come and satisfy your inner tchochtke!


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