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Four Beautiful Words: Crispy Purple Potato Chips

Saturday I was feeling particularly low energy as I was walking through Union Square.  The Greenmarkets always make me feel better, and so I was strolling along amongst the tents, despite the brisk cold, on my way to the 6 train.  And then something bright purple caught my eye.  (It has happened before – purple food makes me happy.)

The bright purple this time turned out to be a sample bowl of beautiful and delicious potato chips from Mountain Sweet Berry Farm.  The Andean Mix includes the true purple chips made from purple Peruvian potato, mixed with rich yellow chips made from ruby crescent potatoes.  This farm has three other flavors of chips made from other potatoes.  The Crunchy Indian chips are made from Ozette Indian potatoes.  The other two varieties are Brown Butter and Pure Pleasure.

UPDATE:  The chips are fried in rice bran oil, which has a mild taste and is good for high heat frying.  According to Dr. Andrew Weil, MD., it has additional health benefits as well.

Potato chips are one of my very favorite foods in the whole world.  But I’m a purist.  No ranch, no BBQ, no salt and vinegar.   I like simple potatoes and salt.  Each chip from Mountain Sweet Berry Farm has a pure potato taste and yet a wonderfully distinct flavor.  The purple ones were my favorite because a) they’re purple, b) they taste rich and wonderful, and c) my mom is from the Andes mountains, and so I feel a personal connection to them.  That said, they are all mouthwateringly delicious.

Mountain Sweet Berry Farm comes to the Union Square Greenmarket Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  Go try them for yourself and let me know which one you like best!  And check out this wonderful video featuring Rick Bishop of Mountain Sweet Berry Farm on Serious Eats.


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