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Fred Will Lick Your Marshmallows

Fred's Marshmallows Maker Karen at Fulton Stall Market

Fred will definitely lick your marshmallows, if only you will let him. Because he’s a Pug. And he is the inspiration behind Fred’s Marshmallows, to be found most weekends at the Fulton Stall Market.

I have not met Fred in person, but I have tried his marshmallows. I have to say that in the emerging artisanal gourmet marshmallow trend (you heard it here!), Fred’s are uniquely oriented for adults. And they are seriously flavorful.

The most exciting flavors would be welcome at a cocktail party (passionfruit caramel, ginger or key lime) or a light dessert after an exotic meal (matcha green tea, bow Thai or orange fennel). I tried the cherry beer marshmallows, and they were remarkable: light, sweet, and packed with a deep beer flavor. If you can’t even imagine these flavors in marshmallow form, all I can recommend is to go to the Fulton Stall Market and try them for yourself.

Fred’s marshmallows also come in unique yet kid-friendly flavors, like s’mores, birthday cake, apple pie and peanut butter. The marshmallows’ texture is dense, light and slightly smooshie, all at the same time, perfectly made by hand in Brooklyn.

Karen Marshall, Fred’s human and marshmallow maker, is wonderful to talk with about her creations, and she is open to flavor recommendations. I’d like to see an Earl Grey tea version. And I wonder if she could work bacon in there somewhere? Karen? Are you reading this story? Get back to me, will you?

Find Karen and her lovely marshmallows regularly at the Fulton Stall Market, Brooklyn Eats on the July 26th and the Chelsea Bazaar Open Bar & Food on August 24th, 2013

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

Fred's Marshmallows Closeup

Fred’s Marshmallows Closeup

Fred's Marshmallows Menu

Fred's Marshmallows Packages

Fred’s Marshmallows Packages


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