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Frozen Fruit + Chocolate + A Stick = Trop Pops

James and I were roaming around Greenflea on a hot, humid Sunday two weekends ago, and several people strongly recommended that we go try a Trop Pop. Trop Pops are big chunks of frozen tropical fruit – mango, banana, pineapple and kiwi – with a coating of rich dark chocolate on one side, all on a stick. You get all the fun of a frozen pop with just enough chocolate to satisfy, and all the glory of eating a huge piece of fruit.

I had the mango, and James had the pineapple. The mango magic happened a few bites in when the fruit started to melt and actually become creamy. The pineapple/chocolate mixture made for a particularly tasty combination that just works. These pops were the perfect snacks – fresh fruit, a bit of chocolate, and frozen relief from the heat of the day.

Look for the Trop Pops vending carts that look like sailboats weekends at Artists & Fleas and Sundays at Greenflea! Let me know which one is your favorite!

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