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Fulton Flea Market: A Small Flea With A Big Community Impact

Jewelry Designer Edline Talking with Customers at the Fulton Flea

If you’ve ever walked by the Fulton Flea Market on your way to the Brooklyn Flea maybe, I encourage you to stop and have a long look around. The aim of this market is “to take an empty lot and turn it into an active gathering space where people can meet and engage in the sharing of information, entertainment, goods and services.” They do exactly that every Saturday, often well into the evening when the neighborhood shifts into its weekend night groove.

The Fulton Flea takes place on the premesis of the Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center, which provides preventive care and medical services for the community, at 650 Fulton and Lafayette Streets in Fort Greene Brooklyn. This market is also special because you can see things and meet people from around the world: Africa,  the Caribbean, Asia and beyond.

Although it’s a small market, I spent over two hours there, talking with each vendor and listening to their stories and learning about the items they sell. Some of the highlights were seeing my friend Edline, who designs unique statement jewelry. Ray, the Bonsai Master, has found a new home for his wonderful miniature landscapes since I first met him at the Park Slope Flea several years ago. EarthPeace is an apparel design company that combines iconic images with messages around spirituality and environmental awareness. The logo in an of itself is a piece of art, and it is stitched by hand to the tee-shirts as additional detailing.

Gladberry’s of Ghana brings gorgeous, colorful handmade fabric bags and trade bead jewelry to the market. Someone recently drove by on Fulton Street, saw the bags from her car, and pulled over to buy one right then and there. I loved the vinyl, neon lightweight jewelry designs from Unusual Star Jewelry as well. Talk about statement pieces! For a more natural look, the handmade coconut jewelry from House of Mine are literally hand cut from coconut shells, a taste of Jamaica here in the city.

Each week the market vendor mix changes a bit, so it’s worth stopping by the Fulton Flea on a regular basis. They also hold special events with the Medical Center. This coming Saturday, July 27th is a Children’s Health Day Event! Follow the Fulton Flea Market on Facebook and contact the market for more information at 917-364-5648.

~ Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City

Edline also sells beautiful handmade bags from Africa

Ray nurtures his beautiful bonsai landscapes

I brought home this tiny olive tree bonsai for James. Ray assures me it will produce real olives for James’ martinis within a year!

Gaia’s hand stitched logo for EarthPeace Designs Tee Shirts

Gaia and and Judith, the Women of EarthPeace, were a featured on Humans of New York in June 2013! They got over 22,000 likes. Obviously.

Gladberrys of Ghana Owner Harry Brockenberry models beaded bracelets

See what I mean about colorful bags? Handmade in Ghana and imported by Gladberry’s of Ghana

Crystal studded vinyl necklace from Unusual Star Jewelry

Unusual Star Jewelry Designer Claudia

Handmade Coconut Jewelry from House of Mine

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