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Get Luscious Locks with Hot Hair Pomade from Australian Scent

I had the pleasure of hanging out with Eddie Enriquez Rowe, one of the wonderful proprietors of Australian Scent, at the Brooklyn Flea on Saturday.  Australian Scent’s organic, handcrafted body products are some of the luxuries to be found in New York’s markets.

On Saturday, one of Australian Scent’s other faithful customers and I tested the Hot Hair Pomade.  Eddie put a tiny, pea sized sample on our hands.  We rubbed our palms together to heat the pomade, and then he instructed us to work it into the ponytail, or the long ends of our hair.  It was one of those hot, humid day, when your hair frizzes to twice its normal size.  I am thrilled to report that once I worked in the tiny bit of the pomade (the jar will last forever), I saw a warm sheen on my hair.  My frizz went away, and my curls popped to life.   The other tester had gorgeous, thick hair to begin with, but it was a little thirsty.  After using the pomade, her hair came to life with a rich glow.

I have to take this opportunity to give another testament to Australian Scent.  I have been using their Balm of Gilead and Intensive Wrinkle Therapy Eyes for 18 months, and I can personally verify the quality and effectiveness of their products.  Just a tiny bit makes my skin look and feel luminous and cared-for.  The Balm also has healing powers.  I’d gotten a jagged gash on the back of my hand from Cricket, a sweet, happy puggle with loads of energy and love, but also long dirty toenails.  I was worried about an ugly scar or infection.  So I put Balm of Gilead on it every day for a month, and the scar healed beautifully.  It is now a thin, barely noticeable line.  I wholeheartedly attribute the recovery the Balm and its soothing, healing ingredients.

Try the entire Australian Scent line of products each weekend at the Brooklyn Flea each weekend and in fine stores, including Whole Foods!

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