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Get Ready for Berg’n: Brooklyn Flea’s Grand New Food And Beer Hall

You know how you sometimes wake up at work and realize you were dreaming about a ramen burger? Do you ever wish Smorgasburg was open all week?

Well, your wish has been granted. The Brooklyn Flea‘s new beer hall, Berg’n, opens on Wednesday!

Mighty Quinns Burnt Ends BBQ Sandwich

Mighty Quinns Burnt Ends BBQ Sandwich

James and I went to the pre-opening last week. The venue is a great warehouse on Bergen Street. Berg’n is designed to be a place to circulate, socialize and savor some of the Flea’s best local food. It features beautiful, modern picnic-style tables and benches, as well as a long and inviting bar. There is also a charming outdoor space with ample tables and chairs for when the weather is good.

There are four main savory food vendors at Berg’n:

Parlor Coffee and Blue Marble Ice Cream have their spaces towards the back of the venue.

We arrived at around dusk and ordered a Barrier Delicioulous Pale Ale and a Six Point Sweet Action Cream Ale at the bar. There is table service for drinks, and also for delivery of your food after you have placed your orders at the counters.

Karen about to bite into her first Ramen Burger

About to bite into my first Ramen Burger

We ran into and Andy and Justine from Nunu Chocolates, who were there with their beautiful baby girls, and sat with them at a table. I introduced myself to the fellow across the table from me, who happened to be Keizo Shimamoto, Founder and Inventor of Ramen Burger.

Now, I never wait in line at Smorgasburg because there is no reason to. Everything there is great. So I keep going till I find a food vendor with a short line at the moment. However, the downside of my strategy is that there are some foods that I never get to taste because there are always so many people in line for them. Such is the case with Ramen Burger. So that night at Berg’n, I tried my very first ramen burger, right in front of Keizo. Not surprisingly, this amazing, unique burger with a ramen noodle bun was absolutely, mouthwateringly delicious.

Apparently, I may have to rethink my strategy going forward.

Next we had a Burnt Ends BBQ sandwich from Mighty Quinn’s, which was tangy, rich and lusciously satisfying. (See above.)

James and I shared a slice of classic pepperoni pizza from Pizza Moto. It was spicy, cheesy, warm and comforting. Andy and Justine had ordered a large white pizza with roasted cauliflower. It may be the largest pizza I’ve ever seen! Luckily, their sweet daughter Adda (see below) offered to share with us. It was a slice of salty, melty goodness.

We had to save the Asia Dogs for our next visit because we were stuffed to the gills.

Blue Marble Ice Cream's "Berg'n Blackout"

Blue Marble Ice Cream’s “Berg’n Blackout”

That said, I confess that we saved some room for a scoop of “Berg’n Blackout,” which is a chocolate ice cream made with stout beer and pretzel bits, if I recall correctly. (See right.) We also ate two of the best salt caramels in the world, courtesy of Nunu Chocolates.

A few hours later, we rolled home. Honestly, I think I had food hangover the next day. All I could do all day was eat was a peach and take a nap, both of which I highly recommend after a night at Berg’n.

Opening on Wednesday, August 27, 2o14, Berg’n is located at 899 Bergen Street between Classon and Franklin Avenues. The hours are :

  1. 8AM – 1AM Sunday through Thursday

  2. 8AM – 2AM Friday and Saturday

Congratulations to the Brooklyn Flea, and thanks for all you do to keep New York exciting, creative, fun and delicious.

~Karen Seiger, Markets of New York City



Berg'n Bar

Berg’n Bar

Six Point Sweet Action Cream Ale at Berg'n

Six Point Sweet Action Cream Ale at Berg’n

Ramen Burger Founder Keizo Shimamoto and his juicy creation

Ramen Burger Founder Keizo Shimamoto and his juicy creation. My ramen burger came wrapped up like an origami dumpling.

Moving Fast at the Ramen Burger Counter

Moving Fast at the Ramen Burger Counter

Anna and her dad Andy from Nunu Chocolates, sharing their gigantic pie from Pizza Moto

Adda and her dad Andy from Nunu Chocolates, sharing their gigantic pie from Pizza Moto

PIzza Moto Counter at Berg'n

Pizza Moto Counter at Berg’n

Outdoor seating at Berg'n

Outdoor seating at Berg’n

Mighty Quinn's at Berg'n

Mighty Quinn’s at Berg’n

Catching up with friends at Asia Dog

Catching up with friends at Asia Dog

Coffee by Parlor at Berg'n

Coffee by Parlor at Berg’n

Nunu Chocolates' Scrumptious Seasalt Caramels

Nunu Chocolates’ Scrumptious Seasalt Caramels

Blue Marble Ice Cream at Berg'n

Blue Marble Ice Cream at Berg’n

Late night at Berg'n

Late night at Berg’n

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