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Get Yourself To A Greenmarket on Wednesday

Greenmarket Thanksgiving 2016 Schedule

Greenmarket Thanksgiving 2016 Schedule

If you’re looking for magnificent giant carrots and spectacular brussels sprout branches for Thanksgiving, look no further than your greenmarket!

I thought I’d share the link to GrowNYC Greenmarket Holiday Schedule for anyone who is hoping for the freshest of the fresh local produce, dairy, and baked goods. Make sure you get to an open greenmarket on Wednesday, November 23rd because they are all closed on Thursday and Friday. Farmers need to feast and eat leftovers too!

And then everyone is back to their regularly programmed events starting on Saturday.

Happy Thanksgiving and A Happy Feast To You All!

Apples & Pumpkins & Gourds - Oh My!

Apples & Pumpkins & Gourds – Oh My!

This is how Brussels sprouts are made

This is how Brussels sprouts are made



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